Keeping safe, even when you’re away

Published in The BANAR November 2021

by Don Kelly & Brad Hampson

With the opening of the border many residents will be looking for the warm sun rays to the south. Remember that leaving your home unattended for any extended period is not a safe policy. Consider asking a friend or neighbor to visit your place on a regular basis. There are also companies, such as HomeCheckers, that provide safe, reliable home-checking services. Try to get a company that is bonded, which gives you an additional level of insurance protection.

BEFORE YOU GO AWAY, even if it is for a weekend trip, consider these safety measures for your home:

  1. Have a security bar for sliding patio doors.
  2. Ensure your mail and flyers are picked up. A mailbox full of papers suggests no one is home.
  3. Ensure you arrange for snow clearing while you’re away. A snow pile in front of your front door says – GONE AWAY!
  4. Always lock your doors, sheds and cars, especially when not home, and overnight.
  5. Set up adequate lighting both in and outside the home by using automatic light timers.
  6. Do not leave a message on your answering machine that announces you are away.

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