The Climate Change Team’s goal is to share information, bring people together, and facilitate community initiatives related to air quality and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Climate Change affects us all, whether directly or indirectly, and it can often feel overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to! There is a lot we can do individually and together to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change and extreme weather.

Specific areas of interest for this Team include improving indoor and outdoor air quality in the hamlet, identifying ways to facilitate a transition to low-carbon resilient buildings, and general information sharing and relationship building. This nascent team is interested in exploring opportunities for future community projects (imagine a neighbourhood scale pilot project on building retrofits that would make it easier and more affordable to upgrade our buildings?!) and encourages all interested people to get in touch, whether it’s just to share your ideas or whether you’d like to be involved.

  • Home Energy Efficiency with Blackburn Hamlet Community Association
    Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar Upgrade Your Home for Energy Efficiency with Blackburn Hamlet Community Association. If you missed it or just want a recap, you can watch the recording here. You can find out more about incentive programs, rebates, and our programming on our website. Find out more about the Future … Read more
  • Upgrade Your Home for Energy Efficiency
    Knowledge, tools, rebates and grants to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency – join BCA and EnviroCentre April 19 Are you ready to take the first step towards having a greener home to save you money and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle? Then mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 19th, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, and … Read more
  • Earth day coloring contest 2023
    Chère Planète Terre, Je voulais te remercier pour les gens dans notre communauté! Félicitations à Audrey Larue-Bruneau qui a gagné la carte cadeau de 50$ de Métro pour sa participation dans le Concour de coloriage pour le Jour de la Terre. Lorsque je lui ai demandé ce qu’elle envisageait acheter avec sa carte cadeau, Audrey … Read more
  • Home Energy Retrofit
    For those who missed the Home Energy Refit webinar organized by the BCA and conducted by Envirocentre you can now view the session on the Envirocentre Youtube Channel.  We also encourage you to check out other great videos on their channel that cover a variety of Environmental topics such as Climate Change, Rain Gardens, Micromobility, … Read more
  • Rain Garden
    A rain garden contains a strategically located combination of grasses, perennials and shrubs that tolerate moist conditions (such as Iris versicolor, Carex, Lysimachia punctata, Lysimachia nummularia, Typhia latifolia, Scirpus). It can temporarily hold rainwater runoff from the roof, eavestroughs, slopes in your property, and excess sediment and/or fertilizer before it reaches a storm drain. Not … Read more
  • Rain Barrel
    “A rain barrel collects water whenever it rains (Rain barrels are available at many local hardware and garden stores). You can use the saved water to keep your lawn and garden thriving and control runoff, all in one fell swoop!” -published recently in the Rosemere News, Vol. 33, #4 Municipal Bulletin All residents of Blackburn … Read more

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