The BCA is creating new opportunities for local youth to get together with their peers and engage with the wider community. The BCA is proud to support new ways for youth to:

  • socialize and have fun;
  • learn something new;
  • develop or improve a skill, including leadership skills; and
  • have a greater say in the type of youth activities, projects and clubs that are supported by the BCA

Are you ready to have fun and get more involved with your community? If so, the Blackburn Community Association wants to hear from you!

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  • Hello Spring! Poetry Prize Winners
    by Maureen Forsythe, BCA Youth Director Since the fall of 2021, the BCA has been organizing a series of writing contests for Blackburn youth. In April 2023, the BCA invited local youth aged nine to fifteen to write a poem about finding joy in the present moment. We received a total of eight eligible submissions.
  • Blackburn Birthday Bash 2023
    by Maureen Forsythe, BCA Youth Director On Saturday May 13th twelve local youth participated in the first-ever Blackburn Birthday Bash event which was held outdoors in the park beside the Community Hall. Five boys and seven girls ranging in age from 9 to 14 participated. Everyone got a chance to get to know one another
  • More Young Helping Hands for Seniors in 2023!
    After the success of last year’s youth volunteer service program Young Helping Hands for Seniors we are once again planning to match pairs of Blackburn youth who would like to give a helping hand to seniors in our neighbourhood. Are you a senior in Blackburn Hamlet who could use a hand with light yard work and gardening this spring
  • Valentine’s Party in the Park
    by Maureen Forsythe, BCA Youth Director. On Saturday February 11th four local youth braved the cold and deep snow to gather outside the Blackburn Community Hall for an hour of fun-filled outdoor activities. The youth worked in pairs to create jokes by matching questions and answers and then presented the series of corny Valentine’s jokes
  • Hello Spring Poetry Prize for Youth 2023
    To celebrate the arrival of spring, Blackburn youth aged 9 to 14 (as of 31 December 2023) are invited to submit an original, unpublished poem on the theme “finding joy in the present moment”. Poems may be submitted in either English or French and must not exceed 180 words. All poems must include a title
  • Blackburn Youth Reflect on the Power of Words
    by Maureen Forsythe, BCA Youth Director. In November 2022 Blackburn youth aged 9-14 were invited to think about the power of words, spoken or written, and to write a short fictional story that reflects this theme. Eleven local youth, including 4 boys and 7 girls, took up the challenge. Ten submissions were written in English

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