Celebrate Blackburn’s community spirit!

The Blackburn FUNFAIR is an annual celebration of community spirit in the first weekend of June.

In operation since 1971 the Blackburn FUNFAIR has always been a community icon.  Starting out at Glen Ogilvy School grounds in the early years then moving to the park adjacent to Emily Carr Middle School then making it’s way to 190 Glen Park the fair has survived many changes, storms and other influences but has always come through as a Community Celebration Day for Blackburn Hamlet.

And thanks to our volunteers, local businesses, and fabulous community, the Blackburn Funfair will return!

Want to know more about the fair? Check out our Funfair website event here.

Come for a visit – you’ll be glad you did!

    by Brent Lawrie, FunFair Outgoing Chairperson I would like to thank the Blackburn and surrounding community for another great FunFair. We had some of the best weather and excellent participation from young and old to keep this annual tradition one of the best events in Blackburn Hamlet. I would like to extend a gracious thank
  • Honourariums distribution for FunFair 2022
    Brent Lawrie, Blackburn FunFair Chair Thanks to the whole community for supporting 2022’s excellent FunFair. With all the great participation and sponsorship support, we were able to raise $15,015 which has been put directly back into our Blackburn community. This is an amazing accomplishment, as we successfully held an old-time FunFair! Please see the Honourariums
  • What an exceptional weekend for FunFair’s 50th anniversary
    Published in The BANAR September 2022 Brent Lawrie, FunFair Co-Chair The FunFair committee would like to express its gratitude to the whole Blackburn Community for coming out and supporting this annual event. It was great to see everyone back enjoying a fantastic fun-filled weekend after a two-year hiatus. There was a plethora of positive feedback
  • Volunteers Needed for 2022 Funfair
    The BCA is looking for volunteers for next year’s Blackburn Funfair. The Blackburn FunFair occurs annually on the first weekend of June and showcases the community spirit in Blackburn Hamlet. Next year’s 50th anniversary event is looking for volunteers to fill the following positions: Funfair Chairperson Softball tournament Sponsorship Dunk tank Facilities Dog Show If
  • Blackburn FUNFAIR 2019—A Huge Success!
    Published in The BANAR September 2019 by Brent Lawrie, Blackburn FUNFAIR Chair Another exceptional FUNFAIR kicked off summer 2019! The weather was great Friday night, and all day and night on Saturday. All the excellent events, great entertainment and carnival rides were bustling with an abundance of community participation. Sunday was a little wet this
  • 2018 FunFair Honorarium Recipients
    Published in The BANAR February 2019 by Brent Lawrie, Blackburn FUNFAIR Chair Thanks to everyone for last years excellent FUNFAIR 2018, and because of the great participation and sponsorship support, we raised $13 416, which has been put directly back into our Blackburn community. Fantastic! Please see the Honorariums distribution listed below. Don’t forget this

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