NCC Greenbelt Pathway East

This route will form the periphery of the southeast quadrant of the pathway network, between the Ottawa River Pathway at Green’s Creek and the Southern Corridor Pathway at Black Rapids Lock. The pathway connects to Greenbelt trails and destinations, and passes through or near a range of ecologically significant and pastoral landscapes, including Green’s Creek, Mer Bleue and Pine Grove Forest.

The proposal would link the existing path at the end of Tauvette, across Innes, Around Tauvette Park, east along the Bypass, cross over either at the existing crosswalk or a new one, continue south/east to meet the Prescott-Russell Pathway near Renaud Road and beyond. Please note that all of the proposals in the Strategic Plan are dependent on funding from the NCC. More information on the NCC Capital Pathway Strategic Plan can be found on the NCC website.

NCC Paths

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