98-100 Bearbrook

98 & 100 Bearbrook

A Site Plan Control application to construct a 9-storey mid-rise apartment with a total of 168 residential units (159 apartment units and nine townhouse units) comprising a 14,674 gross floor area (GFA), with 209 motor vehicle parking spaces (25 surface and 184 underground) and 84

3940 & 3044 Innes Road

3040 & 3044 Innes Road

It is proposed to construct a four-storey low-rise apartment building on the Subject Property. The residential building will contain 43 apartment units. A one-level underground parking garage will provide 48 parking spaces. A surface parking lot is also proposed west of the building and will

Cleroux Crescent

Cleroux Crescent

2380 and 2396 Cleroux Crescent The intent is to develop the lands to allow for 2 rental apartment buildings that will be 3 storeys in height and each building will have 40 rental units. There will be 80 units in total and 101 parking spaces

Brian Coburn Extension Study Map

Brian Coburn Extension and Transitway

The City of Ottawa is completing the Brian Coburn / Cumberland Transitway (Navan Road to Blair Road) Environmental Assessment (EA) Study and has developed the Recommended Plan for the ultimate Brian Coburn Boulevard and Cumberland Transitway extension and an interim plan for shared transit priority

Blair Road Study

Blair Road Transit Priority Plan

The City of Ottawa has completed the Blair Road Transit Priority (Blair LRT Station to Innes Road) Environmental Assessment (EA) Study and has developed a Recommended Plan to widen Blair Road for shared bus and high occupancy vehicle lanes. Pedestrian and cycling facilities have also

NCC Capital Pathway Plan

NCC Greenbelt Pathway East

This route will form the periphery of the southeast quadrant of the pathway network, between the Ottawa River Pathway at Green’s Creek and the Southern Corridor Pathway at Black Rapids Lock. The pathway connects to Greenbelt trails and destinations, and passes through or near a

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