Brian Coburn Extension and Transitway

The City of Ottawa is completing the Brian Coburn / Cumberland Transitway (Navan Road to Blair Road) Environmental Assessment (EA) Study and has developed the Recommended Plan for the ultimate Brian Coburn Boulevard and Cumberland Transitway extension and an interim plan for shared transit priority and high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. Pedestrian and cycling facilities have also been included along the full road corridor limits.

The goal for this plan, if it is funded and if the NCC approves the land use, is to construct a transitway, extension of Brian Coburn Blvd and a multi-use pathway starting at Brian Coburn Blvd and Navan Road.  The Transitway would replace the existing intersection at Innes and Anderson Road.  The Brian Coburn extension would connect with the Innes/Walkley/Hunt Club connection, connecting it to Innes Road, Walkley Road, Hunt Club Road and the 417.  As an interim measure, it also proposes creating dedicate HOV lanes and a new Multi-Use Pathway from Blackburn Hamlet to Blair. It also proposes a path at the corner of Cleroux, linking it to the intersection of the Bypass and Navan Road.  More information can be found on the City of Ottawa website.

Brian Coburn Extension

Transit HOV Lane

Clearoux Connection

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