2663 Innes Road

The proposed 4-storey building at 2663 Innes Road will accommodate 18 residential units and 3 commercial office spaces that are nestled beside an existing retirement residence to the west and a walking path and tennis club to the east. The property is accessed immediately off Innes Road.

The residential portion of the building will provide a mix of 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom + den and 2-bedroom rental units. The office spaces at the ground floor will provide a total of 153m2 of rentable office space for the building.

The site provides a total of 28 parking spaces including 11 compact parking spaces and 2 accessible parking spaces. Parking is located along the west and north areas of the site with 5 covered parking spaces located on the northern edge of the building. Bike parking is provided at two locations: 5 vertical bike parking spaces are provided at the back of the building adjacent to the covered parking spaces, and the remaining 5 bike parking spaces are provided within the landscaped area to the north of the site.

The existing 1-1/2 storey building is currently in poor condition and will be demolished to allow the proposed development.

Architect: IDEA Inc.

Development application:

2663 Innes Road

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