Published in The BANAR, August 2023
Don Kelly, BCA Safety

In June, Brad Hampson and Don Kelly (on behalf of the BCA) met with the City of Ottawa’s Office of
Emergency Management (OEM) regarding the development of an emergency preparedness plan for
Blackburn Hamlet. In consideration of recent weather events the OEM has recognized that the city emergency services cannot be everywhere for everyone. Therefore, the OEM is engaging with community associations and asking them to provide additional assistance during an emergency in their area. The BCA has agreed to participate in this initiative.

The BCA is looking towards these three immediate actions:

1. Development of an Education/Awareness in Emergency Planning program at the individual
household level.

2. Development of strategies that address our most vulnerable sectors in the community, both pre-emergency and during an emergency.

3. Development of a registered volunteer base that can be utilized in an emergency.

BCA will be holding community meetings and discussion groups over the coming months to address these items. The BCA would welcome comments and suggestions from their residents on how these goals can be attained. We would also welcome residents who would like to be on the committee. For those interested please contact safety@blackburnhamlet.ca

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