Tips for Sharing Winter Trails

By Miriam Hampson
BCA Environment Committee

NCC ski trail

Blackburn Hamlet is so fortunate to be surrounded by a beautiful Greenbelt and numerous park spaces. In the long months of Covid, the many nature trails available in the community have been a sanity-saver to many! As we head into another winter season, many are braving the cold and venturing out with skis, snow shoes, skates, and winter boots to experience the wonderful outdoors available at our doorstep! It is a great way to lift one’s spirits while getting some fresh air and exercise!

Here are a few tips (and reminders) how we can continue to share and enjoy these incredible green spaces and trails together. Knowing the proper etiquette and rules for use helps keep these trails safe for skiers, snowshoers, and hikers alike:

  1. Don’t hike or snowshoe on groomed ski trails – Snowshoes and boots can create holes in the snow and create dangerous conditions for skiers. There is often ample room to the side of these groomed ski trails for walkers and snowshoers.
  2. Share the trail – Allow for faster skiers to pass by stepping out of the trail. If you stop to take in the view or to rest, move out of the way so the trail is free for others.
  3. Take care of your pet – Pets are generally allowed on the walking or hiking trails (not ski trails) as long as they are leashed. Please remember to pick up after your pet and bring your bag home! If your dog poops, please scoop…even if no one is looking!
  4. Leave no trace – It is always nice to have a snack or drink while outdoors. Please take your trash back home where you can dispose of it properly.
  5. Be courteous and considerate – Remember, everyone is out there to have a good time! A smile or a quick hello go a long way! It is also important that we are aware of the natural habitats and ecosystems in our environment. Let’s be as unobtrusive as possible so that all users can enjoy a safe and pleasant outdoor experience.

NCC trail map

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