Free Trees!

For those who missed out on our tree giveaway during the Garage Sale, the BCA tree team and Ecology Ottawa will be handing out free saplings near the entrance to the Blackburn Metro store from 9am to Noon on May 29.

What trees will we have available?

We’re going to have more tree species variety than ever before this year! This will include 22 species of native coniferous and deciduous trees—including more fruit, nut, berry, and sap-bearing trees than ever to help address food security in the region. A full species list is coming soon!

We are proud to source all of the trees we distribute from the Ferguson Tree Nursery in Kemptville. They only grow native and proven non-invasive naturalized trees, shrubs, and perennials hardy for the south-central and eastern Ontario climate.

*Please note:

  • The trees available through this program are between half a foot and a foot and a half tall.
  • We are not able to make any guarantees of which tree species will be at any given event. We will always do our best to bring as many different species as possible to each giveaway, however, we cannot guarantee that we will have every species on the 2022 list available at any one time.
  • Trees are living things and Mother Nature doesn’t always want to follow our schedule. We appreciate your understanding in advance that the trees available through this program are subject to change based on nursery availability.

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