Welcome to the Blackburn Hamlet Community Association (BCA)

The Blackburn Community Association (BCA) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that supports and advocates on behalf of residents, businesses and groups in Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, Canada.

FunFair 2015

The success of Blackburn Funfair

Published in The BANAR, September 2016 by François Trépanier After participating in the Blackburn Funfair for several years, my observation is that the success of the Blackburn Funfair depends on two factors: the weather and volunteer efforts. While we can agree that we have no

Eleanor MacQuarrie

A Tribute to Eleanor MacQuarrie

Published in The BANAR February 2016 by Marjorie MacQuarrie-Derickx. Everyone has gifts and strengths that can be used to make their community stronger. My Dad, Bob, utilized his knowledge and abilities to create a stronger Gloucester township as well as a more responsible and responsive

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