Young Helping Hands for Seniors!

By Maureen Forsythe
BCA Youth Director

Are you a young person (between 12-17 years old) living in Blackburn Hamlet who would like to give older residents in the community a helping hand with light yard work and gardening this spring and summer?  If so, the BCA would love to hear from you!

In the February issue of the BANAR we invited older residents of the Hamlet who could use a young helping hand with gardening and light yard work this year to get in touch. The response was immediate and very positive! So far more than a dozen residents have reached out to register for this new youth-based volunteer service program!  And there is still space for more youth volunteers to participate!

If you would like to participate in this new program as a volunteer, simply send an email to to register. We encourage young people to find a friend who would also like to participate so that we are mostly registering pairs of youth who would like to work together as a team. If this is not possible, you should still send an email and we will pair you with another young person for this program.

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