Sometimes a staycation is truly the best thing during March Break. So, here are a few staycation ideas for people at home, in the Hamlet and in Ottawa!

  1. Sugar Bushing

The classic Canadian winter/spring activity! Get some fresh air with friends and family while helping out your local maple farmers. Check out:

2. Ice Skating

The Blackburn Arena has many activities such as family and public skate to keep active during winter. Check out their schedule here:

      3. Escape Manor

Do you enjoy the thrill of solving a puzzle or mystery? Maybe you want a little challenge this March Break? Check out the Escape Manor (

      4. Visit Museums

For the curious minds, go to the many Museums in Ottawa. Most museums have March Break preparations for students and families. The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology is newly renovated with exhibitions such as Exploratek but still has the well-loved Crazy Kitchen. The Museum of Nature currently has a tropical temperature butterfly exhibition (so you can take a break from the winter). Here are a few links:

Museum of Nature:

Canadian Museum of Science and Technology:

National Gallery of Canada:

       5. Ottawa Irish Festival

The Ottawa Irish Festival is on until March 18th with special events including live Celtic music, an author’s day, and more! Most of the events are free:

       6. Read

The Blackburn Hamlet Library has many great books, some which you can even buy for a dollar! You can also join the Blackburn Hamlet Thursday Book Club:

       7. Volunteer Work

If you are a student/youth looking for something a little more productive to do, Blackburn Hamlet has may great volunteer opportunities during the break and all year round. Here are some volunteering opportunities for youth in the Hamlet:

  • FOPLA (Friends of the Ottawa Public Library)
  • BCA Website Blog Writer*
  • Blackburn Youth Leaders*

*For more information about youth volunteering in the BCA, please contact

Remember to check out the BANAR for even more March Break AND year round activities and opportunities!