Trees in Blackburn Hamlet

After the loss of many large trees in the Hamlet due to disease and pests over the past few years, it is important to consider maintaining and replacing our natural canopy. Following are some programs and tips that can be useful for aiding in this process.

Trees in Trust
Commemorative Trees
Streetscape Tree Planting
Mature Tree Maintenance
Young Tree Maintenance


Trees in Trust


Plant a tree by your home!

The City’s Trees in Trust program needs your help to find suitable locations for street trees. Street trees are available by request on a first come, first served basis. If your City-owned street frontage lacks a tree and you have the time and commitment to help care for one, please contact us.

  • There will be no charge to the homeowner (supply and planting will be provided by the City).
  • The program applies only to homes with street frontage (the space between your property line and the roadway).
  • The property owner must pledge to assist with the proper tree care (watering) for the first three years of the tree’s life. Instructions will be provided.
  • Trees will be a minimum size of 50 mm diameter, or 2 to 3 meters in height.
  • Limit of one tree per single fronting household or two trees per corner lot.
  • The proposed location must meet the Trees in Trust program criteria.


Program criteria:

The following criteria will be used to assess potential planting sites:

  • Is there enough space? (other trees or obstacles must be a minimum of 7m away)
  • Are there overhead or underground utilities?
  • Does the soil quality appear to be acceptable for tree growth?
  • Are there any conflicting uses on the planting site?
  • Has the request been made by the homeowner? (i.e. the person who pays taxes on the property)
  • Is there an obvious conflict with traffic safety requirements or City maintenance (i.e. sightlines or snow removal operations)

Should you require additional information or to participate in the program, please contact 3-1-1 or make a request using the online forms.


Commemorative Trees

The 2021 Commemorative Tree Program is now full. The City is no longer accepting new requests for this year. Requests for the 2022 edition of the Commemorative Tree Program should resume this fall. Details on how to apply will be posted on the City website.


The Commemorative Tree Program was established in 1989. The City assists families or groups who wish to have a tree planted in a City park in remembrance or to commemorate a loved one who has passed away.


  • The family/group chooses a park for the tree. If you do not have a park preference, Forestry Services will assist with the selection of a park.
  • The coordinator of the program will meet with you at the site to choose the location and the type of tree. The selection is made according to preference, site conditions, and availability.
  • The cost of a Commemorative Tree is $400 (plus HST) which includes planting of a 50mm caliper tree and watering for a three year period.
  • The tree will be planted in either the spring or fall.



  • Consult with the Forestry Services if you wish to install a plaque next to the tree.
  • The preferred type is a 10 cm thick flat black polished granite marker with an etched inscription. The plaque will be installed flush with the ground to reduce vandalism and allow access of maintenance equipment.
  • Granite plaques may be purchased from a number of monument manufacturers in the Ottawa area. Forestry Services will install the marker at no additional charge.
  • The City is not responsible for the maintenance or replacement of commemorative plaques.

Should you require additional information or would like to purchase a commemorative tree, please contact:3-1-1 for more information.


Streetscape Tree Planting

The City of Ottawa is committed to planting trees for the enhancement of our city parks, facilities, and streets. We are taking a proactive approach to the identification of tree planting opportunities on a citywide basis.  Here in Blackburn Hamlet, the BCA is looking at promoting the planting of trees along Bearbrook Road to create a rich canopy of trees along the main thoroughfare of our beautiful community.  There are many opportunities as homeowners to obtain a tree from the city.  If you are interested in participating in this initiative please consider contacting or call 3-1-1.  You can also email for more information.


Mature Tree Maintenance

Autumn is a great time to prune your trees: with the leaves gone and the trunk and branches visible, it’s easier to see what needs to be done. But before you get started , be sure to review these important tips:

  • Make a plan of what you want to prune and stick to it. Is it because the branches are too close to your house? Do you want to thin out the foliage at the crown? Is there a dead branch to remove? Pruning won’t do much to improve your tree’s health, but it does help in managing your space and keeping your property safe.
  • Make sure your tools are properly sharpened and disinfected. Take off only what needs to be removed, and leave the original shape and esthetic intact. Professionals never trim off more than 20% of a tree’s foliage (or healthy branches).
  • All cuts should be at the intersection of a branch or just above a bud, never in the middle of the branch.
  • Your best course of action is to call upon the service of an expert.


Young Tree Maintenance

If the tree is staked, make sure the ties aren’t too tight. All stakes should be removed for trees that are older than two years. Pull any weeds out from around the base, add a layer of mulch and water moderately. If the tree is close to a street, driveway or area where snow is piled up in the winter, make sure it is sufficiently protected. The weight of the snow can create tiny cracks in the trunk that can lead to longer-term damage.
-published recently in the Rosemere News, Vol. 33, #5 Municipal Bulletin

Tree Pruning
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