Rainwater Management

How To Reduce Water Runoff In Your Yard

When Spring arrives, it is a good opportunity for all of us to think about how we can manage, prepare and benefit from this water Mother Nature sends our way! There is much information on the web on how to reduce water runoff in your yard. It is never too late to start planning. Here are two easy ways to catch rainwater at home:

Rain Garden

A rain garden contains a strategically located combination of grasses, perennials and shrubs that tolerate moist conditions (such as Iris versicolor, Carex, Lysimachia punctata, Lysimachia nummularia, Typhia latifolia, Scirpus). It can temporarily hold rainwater runoff from the roof, eavestroughs, slopes in your property, and excess sediment and/or fertilizer before it reaches a storm drain. Not only is a rain garden pleasing to the eye and teeming with microscopic life, but it is also important in reducing storm water overflow in ditches, sewers and the water treatment plant and in controlling pollution in our lakes and rivers.

A word of caution: check first with the City in case you need a permit (required for all excavation work) and make sure you don’t block any ditches.

Rain Barrel

“A rain barrel collects water whenever it rains (Rain barrels are available at many local hardware and garden stores). You can use the saved water to keep your lawn and garden thriving and control runoff, all in one fell swoop!”
-published recently in the Rosemere News, Vol. 33, #4 Municipal Bulletin

All residents of Blackburn Hamlet are eligible for a custom home assessment delivered by our non-profit partners at EnviroCentre. A limited number of bookings were made available this year and they are all booked. Demand for the home assessment program was very high. Residents can now sign up for the waiting list at envirocentre.ca/rain-ready. You can follow along with Rain Ready Ottawa on social media for ways to help protect your property and our local environment.
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Rain Barrel

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