Projects in the Community

The BCA often acts as a liaison between the community and the city or local businesses. Notes on current issues affecting the community will be summarized here.

Highway Expansion Environmental Assessment

On Monday, October 23, the Blackburn Community Association attended a City of Ottawa-led consultation group regarding the Brian Coburn Blvd. Extension/Cumberland Transitway Westerly Alternate Corridor Environmental Assessment Study. Several community associations from Innes Ward were also in attendance. The study will follow these phases:

  • Phase 1 (present) – Consultations with various agencies (NCC, city, province, business groups)
  • Phase 2 – Alternative options presented to public (you can expect this around mid-January 2018
  • Phase 3 – Alternatives evaluated (2018)
  • Phase 4 – Recommended plan presented (late 2018-2019)
  • Phase 5 – EA reporting and filing (mid 2019)

The Blackburn Hamlet Bypass Extension was supposed to connect Navan/Brian Coburn to the Bypass, running parallel to Navan Rd. However, a recent environment assessment showed that the Leda clay soil increased the cost of construction significantly and was no longer financially feasible. As a result, the City’s the Planning and Growth department is now considering alternatives routes, including ones that are preferred by communities that fall within the Bradley Estates Community Association boundaries and Chapel Hill South as being far less impactful on their communities. At last night’s meeting, the group was provided with background on the project and information about potential alternative routes that the City will be presenting to everyone at the upcoming public meeting. The objective is to start work on the alternative route around 2021-2022. However, the Cumberland Transitway portion will come much later in about 2031 or later. The BCA representative expressed the need to consider the following when determining potential routes:

  • Impact of any proposed routes on Blackburn Hamlet, including increased traffic
  • Cycling networks and pedestrian infrastructure should be incorporated into the plan from the start and not included as an after thought
  • Speeding up the construction of improved transit routes from the east end to encourage Orleans residents to use public transit (which would mean less cars coming through our community)

Other items that were brought up include:

  • The City’s 2013 Transportation Master Plan does not account for more than 4,000 housing units that will be constructed in the east end in the coming years
  • Two-thirds of traffic using Renaud Road are traveling south bound at Anderson Road, with 57 per cent of that traffic using Ridge Road to get to Walkley. This goes against the conventional thinking that the majority of east end traffic was heading towards the core.
  • There was concern voiced about the Chapel Hill Park and Ride being built and not being immediately connected to the transitway.
  • Also, it was noted that all viable options should be presented to the public at the upcoming meeting for consideration, even those that are costly. This would give residents the full picture of what is possible and the impacts so that, as a community, we can make an educated decision.

Arena Expansion 

The Arena Expansion is on schedule to be completed in the Spring of 2021!

Community Beautification Project

The Splash Pad construction is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2021 once the Arena Expansion has been completed.  For full information, see the beautification web page.

Neighbourhood Watch

The BCA is now actively signing up community members to bring Neighbourhood watch back to the Hamlet. To follow this project, see our Neighbourhood Watch landing page.

Walk Audit

The BCA, Council on Aging, and Amica at Bearbrook worked on an audit of the walkability of Blackburn Hamlet. You can read the final audit online.


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