Welcome to the Blackburn Hamlet Community Association (BCA)

The Blackburn Community Association (BCA) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that supports and advocates on behalf of residents, businesses and groups in Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, Canada.

Thank you

2014 Volunteer of the year

Published in The BANAR November, 2014. On October 4th, Sarah Dawson was awarded the Blackburn Hamlet Community Volunteer of the Year plaque. Since 2008 Sarah has been heavily involved with the Blackburn Funfair and in 2013 started a Fun Run on the Sunday of Funfair

Innes-Walkley-Hunt Club

Innes/Walkley/Hunt Club Plan

The City of Ottawa is proposing to build a road that would like Innes Road, west of the Anderson intersection to Walkley Road and Hunt Club road. This plan includes the installation of Multi-Use pathways. It should be noted that this plan is conditional on

Blackburn Hornets Logo

Orignal BCA Logo

The original BCA Logo was sewn in fabric and was initially used by the Blackburn Hornets! Alan B. Beddoe wrote concerning the meaning of the elements in the logo design as follows: The black wavy diagonal stripe edged with white is a symbol for a

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