The Community Safety and Transportation team work hard to not only investigate and report any safety, traffic and transportation issues affecting Blackburn Hamlet, but they also organize events, including the annual Bike Rodeo that is essential for teaching our youth to ride their bicycles safely.

  • Photo radar cameras
    Published in The BANAR November, 2021 by Christopher Brett If you drive down Bearbrook Road near Good Shepherd Catholic School you may have noticed signs announcing the installation of automated speed enforcement cameras. Those signs have to be posted 90 days before any tickets can be issued. Starting in January 2022, the cameras will be
  • Keeping safe, even when you’re away
    Published in The BANAR November 2021 by Don Kelly & Brad Hampson With the opening of the border many residents will be looking for the warm sun rays to the south. Remember that leaving your home unattended for any extended period is not a safe policy. Consider asking a friend or neighbor to visit your
  • Neighbourhood Watch 2021 Update
    Published in The BANAR November 2021 by Don Kelly & Brad Hampson The value of Blackburn’s Neighborhood Watch program revealed itself recently on one of our Hamlet streets, when multiple overnight crimes (thefts from vehicles in driveways) occurred. When the block captain was queried the next morning, an immediate notification was sent to the 83% of
  • Electric vehicle charging now available
    The BCA is proud to announce the new Flo Dual Head Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger is now installed and running in the arena parking lot next to the Community Hall.  The cost is only $1 per charging session.
  • Bike repair stand sees first of many events
    Published in The BANAR September 2021 by Dave Garand Earlier this summer, the BCA and the office of councillor Laura Dudas worked together to install a bicycle repair station at the corner of Innes and Bearbrook road in the Hamlet. These stations allow one to support the bicycle at a comfortable working position and are
  • Bike thefts are on the rise
    Published in The BANAR June 2021 by Don Kelly and Dave Garand Each year thousands of bikes are stolen in Ottawa. The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) recently released bicycle theft data from the past six years: Annually 1,000 bicycles are stolen city-wide. We’ve seen a 70 per cent increase of stolen bikes in 2021 from

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