Things are Happening in Blackburn Hamlet

Published in The BANAR February 1968

Welcome to all our new neighbours. Since we canvassed Blackburn Hamlet for membership in our Association the population has increased by over 200. This means 45 new families. Costain Estates advises that another 20 families will be moving in by the end of March. Terrific! By the looks of sales since November 1966 (200 houses sold) things are really happening, and here are just a few of those things:

School: As promised, a new Public School will be going up this spring. Architects have already started the plans and specifications. Six classrooms and a gymnasium-auditorium will be completed in late fall. It had been hoped that the school could have opened its doors in September but now, due to difficulties beyond anyone’s control, doors will swing wide open sometime in November or early December.

Shopping Centre: Indeed, Blackburn Hamlet will have a shopping centre. Preliminary plans are now off the press. Soon final plans are to be drawn and construction is planned for 1969 if enough interest is shown by the various lessees.

Apartments: Not much to report on this subject except that the apartments are still scheduled to be built sometime in 1970.

Town Houses: This program is being stepped up. Many people have investigated the possibilities or renting, and the present plans are that construction may start in 1968 or early 1969.

1968 Model Homes: They are now open. There is one to suit everyone’s taste; if you haven’t visited them yet, do so. We would like to congratulate Costain Estates and wish them smooth sailing and many more sales in 1968.

Playground: It’s coming. As soon as the snow goes and the frost TiroUTFwj will have the playground in operation. Playground equipment will be purchased soon; children will have a safe place to play this summer.

Back Road Access to Queenswy: Nothing to report on this but should have soon. Watch the March issue of BANAR for a report on this.

Transportation: We hope to have news on this in the March issue.

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