Thanks to funding through the 2020 TD Park People Grants program, the BCA Environment Committee is holding a Nature Photo Contest between June 1 to 30. This contest aims to help connect Blackburn residents with nature while showing off their photography skills! This photo contest will give residents the opportunity to showcase the wonderful flora and fauna, and the parks and green spaces that make Blackburn Beautiful! One winner will be selected from each of the four categories. Please see contest rules below.  


1.  Photos must be submitted on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. 

    a.  Facebook: Share photos to the Blackburn Hamlet Community Association Facebook page and use the hashtag #BlackburnIsBeautiful

    b.  Twitter: Be sure to tag the Blackburn Hamlet Twitter account @BlackburnOttawa and use the hashtag #BlackburnIsBeautiful

    c.  Email: Send photos to and include “Photo Contest” in the subject line of the email.

2.  Photos must be of nature (e.g., plants, wildlife), and taken in Blackburn Hamlet or surrounding area. 

3.  Please include a caption to explain the photo. For example, what is in the photo or why you chose to capture this photo

4.  By submitting the photo, you are giving the BCA permission to share the photo, either on social media, via email, on the BCA website, or in the BANAR. 

5.  To protect privacy please do not include people or buildings. Photos that include people who are not identifiable (e.g., photo does not include faces) will be accepted.

6.  All photos will be entered to win a prize. Winners will be contacted by the method of submission. One winner will be selected from each of the four categories (i.e., Wildlife, Flowers, Trees, and Other). 


1.  Wildlife: Have you captured a photo of a really cool bird or butterfly? Or perhaps you’ve caught that pesky raccoon sneaking into your backyard composter. 

2.  Flowers: Have you spotted any cool wildflowers, like a trillium smiling up at you on a trail? Or maybe you’ve got a green thumb and you’d like to show off your garden. 

3.  Trees: Blackburn has a lot of unique and beautiful trees – show us your favorites! 

4.  Other: Do you have a favorite trail nearby? Or is your community garden plot growing like crazy? We’d love to see other pictures of the nature in Blackburn.