Neighbourwoods Training Time to Register! Come and spend time outdoors with new friends while learning about trees!

Clifton Charie, Blackburn Community Association’s Tree Team – Neighbourwoods Project Lead

Date: May 13th and 14th, 2023

Where: 190 Glen Park Drive (Inside and Outside around the Blackburn Community Hall)


A small team of volunteers launched the tree inventory program called “Neighbourwoods” in Blackburn Hamlet last spring. Unfortunately, our training program with Dr. Andrew Kenney was cut short by the unforgettable windstorm “Derecho”. The loss of many trees in Blackburn in part because of Derecho but also as a result of intensification, disease and pests has only increased the importance of Neighbourwoods in Blackburn.

What is Neighbourwoods? The city has very limited information about trees on private property. The purpose of Neighbourwoods is to gather information such as the type, size, and health of trees on private property, as well as in some of our parks to help us plan better diversity in our tree canopy. Volunteers receive free training from forestry professionals to learn how to identify, measure and assess the health of trees.

More about the free training On the weekend of May 13 and 14 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dr. Kenney will return to the Blackburn Community Hall to train new volunteers. If you love trees and people, consider registering for the training. If you would like more information about this training, or you would like to register for it please contact Clifton Charie at We would love to hear from you!

You can’t make the training? We still want to hear from you, and you can still volunteer!

For more information about this multi-city Neighbourwoods program check out this link:

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