Poetry Talk

Interactive Talk about Poetry

As part of its youth engagement activities, the BCA is inviting Blackburn youth aged 10-14 to participate in an Interactive Talk about Poetry with poet and playwright Henry Beissel on Saturday August 27, 2022 at 11am at the local library. Mr. Beissel was the volunteer judge

Helping Hands

Young Helping Hands for Seniors!

By Maureen Forsythe BCA Youth Director Are you a young person (between 12-17 years old) living in Blackburn Hamlet who would like to give older residents in the community a helping hand with light yard work and gardening this spring and summer?  If so, the

Mural Announcement

Looking for Young Mural Artists!

by Maureen Forsythe BCA Youth Director As part of its youth engagement activities, the Blackburn Community Association is once again supporting the creation of a new outdoor mural in our community. Local youth aged 10-17 are invited to collaborate with Ottawa mural artist Ryan Smeeton

Midsummer Poetry Party

Midsummer Poetry Party

Local youth (aged 10-13) are invited to participate in a Midsummer Poetry Party in the park event on Saturday, June 11th, 2022 from 2:30pm to 4pm. This event will give Blackburn youth a chance to get together with friends and peers and celebrate the imminent arrival

Poetry In The Park

Valentine’s Day Poetry Party in the Park

by Maureen Forsythe BCA Youth Director On the afternoon of Saturday, February 12th, despite frigid temperatures, a few local youth in our neighbourhood gathered outdoors near the community hall to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the love of poetry, read and present poems, and have fun.

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