FunFair 2008

FunFair – The early years

Published in The BANAR June 2021 by Kendra Brett I recently had the privilege of looking at some photos of FunFair from a few of the older issues of the BANAR, and although many aspects of FunFair have changed since 1971, the community involvement and

Historic dates

Key Dates in Blackburn Hamlet History

The following is a summary of some milestone dates in Blackburn Hamlet History.  This is not a comprehensive list, so if anyone has more details on other memorable events, such as when key buildings, parks and facilities were opened, please contact 1803-1811 – First

Blackburn Hamlet Park Map

Blackburn Hamlet Parks

Published in The BANAR September 2020.  In the fall of 2000 Lois Kemp spearheaded the renaming of parks that would help pass the history of Blackburn onto future generations. A recommendation was sent to the City of Gloucester by the BCA to rename some of

First Blackburn Hamlet School

Blackburn Schools in the early years

Published in The BANAR September 2019 by Don and Evelyn Budd Blackburn’s original school was built in 1865-66 and was made of logs. Later the logs were covered with wide wood boards put on the perpendicular and then painted with dark red barn paint. The

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