Commemorative Trees

The City is now accepting new commemorative tree requests for the fall planting season. Program The Commemorative Tree Program was established in 1989. The City assists families or groups who wish to have a tree planted in a City park in remembrance or to commemorate

Prune Young Tree

Young Tree Maintenance

If the tree is staked, make sure the ties aren’t too tight. All stakes should be removed for trees that are older than two years. Pull any weeds out from around the base, add a layer of mulch and water moderately. If the tree is


Rain Garden

A rain garden contains a strategically located combination of grasses, perennials and shrubs that tolerate moist conditions (such as Iris versicolor, Carex, Lysimachia punctata, Lysimachia nummularia, Typhia latifolia, Scirpus). It can temporarily hold rainwater runoff from the roof, eavestroughs, slopes in your property, and excess

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

“A rain barrel collects water whenever it rains (Rain barrels are available at many local hardware and garden stores). You can use the saved water to keep your lawn and garden thriving and control runoff, all in one fell swoop!” -published recently in the Rosemere

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