Thank you Blackburn Hamlet garden watering team

Published in The BANAR August 2023
Miriam Hampson

If you have noticed some flowery blooms when entering our Hamlet, then you can thank the 16 volunteers that diligently water these plants weekly to welcome and beautify our community!

This volunteer job is not for the weary! You have to be  able to tolerate the heat, the mosquitoes, the resident snake (that sometimes slithers your way), and the mole that suddenly scurries down a garden hole. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. And most importantly, you need muscles to carry the many jugs of water to the four garden sites!

From May to October you might see a Blackburn Hamlet volunteer pulling weeds, or deadheading a plant, or watering gently in one of these gardens. Please thank them! And if you are so inclined, feel free to join our team of young and old gardeners by contacting

Special thank you to the other members of the Watering Team of 2023: Bree Campbell, Christina McNiven, Christine Varley, Debbie Jolley, Don Kelly, Erik Leicht, Garth Hampson, Heather McCuaig-Edge, Karen Barrington, Os Hoch, Laura Smith, Lisa Margeson, Monica De Romer, Susie Wilson, and Tammy Bedard! It couldn’t be done without you!

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