The goal of the Beautification team is to make Blackburn Hamlet an attractive and welcoming community. As we look ahead, we would like to broaden our goals for the beautification of Blackburn. We are always looking for volunteers to join our BCA Beautification Committee with new ideas (i.e., add lighting to these signs, expand our perennial gardens, create other flower projects such as hanging baskets along the main thoroughfares of Blackburn Hamlet, promote the existing City tree planting programs and neighborhood canopy regeneration projects, etc.,). There are so many magnificent gardens and gardeners in our neighborhood! Please consider joining us to help beautify our community! If you are interested in volunteering to beautify Blackburn with new ideas, please contact:

Recent initiatives include:


Thank you for helping make Blackburn Hamlet beautiful!


Four Corners

The Community Beautification Committee, consisting of Blackburn resident volunteers, has been hard at work since 2016, identifying big and small community beautification projects. We started small by installing 2 new benches – one on Bearbrook and one on Innes – near the Four Corners intersection and then tackled something big – really big – beautification of the 4 corners at the intersection of Innes, Bearbrook, and Glen Park! This is a multi-phase project and the first phase is the Amica corner. This was selected as the first corner to be addressed due to the enthusiasm and quick support of Amica management and Amica residents.

Supporting Materials:


Supporting Images:

Sculpture and Positioning Detail

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Note: positioning and sculpture models are not to scale


Flowering Gardens

As part of a spring 2021 BCA initiative, flowering gardens were created around the two Blackburn Hamlet Gateway signs and the Art Sculpture at the corner of Sienna Living. The goal was to help make these main entry points into Blackburn more attractive and welcoming.

A special thank you to the 20 volunteers who helped water these gardens over the spring and summer months: Erik Leicht, Monica de Romer, Veronica Verner, Karen Barrington, OS Hoch, Richard Manicom, Esther Cormier, Heather McCuaig Edge, Devon Ellis, Cynthia Millan, Denise and Beatriz Abreu de Oliveira, Isabel Mainville, Don Kelly, Sarah Morgan-White, Christine Varley, Dana Brown, Garth Hampson, Les and Lorraine Nalezinski. The gardens remained in full bloom up to mid October and have survived everything from late snow, slimy slugs, drought and hot weather! Thank you for lugging many litres of water to these locations and keeping these gardens alive over the past 7 months!

In early August, the construction around the sign of the East entrance to Blackburn was completed along with repairs to the base retaining wall courtesy of Enbridge. Budd Gardens very generously donated beautiful perennials to help create an attractive new garden at this entry point into our lovely community. Thank you also to Diane Froeber, Heather Bracken, Helen Borodajluk, Elizabeth Joseph and Karen Green for donating perennials from their own gardens. Thank you also to Christopher Shaeen, Metro’s Store Manager, for decorative and seasonal pumpkin donations. A special mention has to go to Garth Hampson who was instrumental in getting all of these garden projects completed. At 87 years old, he continues to happily dig, plant, trim the grass around these gardens daily with his own whipper snipper and regularly removes old blooms or weeds from all four gardens. His energy and love of flowers is inspiring!

Blackburn Hamlet Sign

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