**URGENT** BANAR Distribution Coordinator Needed

The BCA is currently looking for a volunteer to be the Distribution Coordinator for the BANAR, which is delivered to homes and businesses in the Hamlet 5 times a year (February, April, June, September & November). The schedule is established at the beginning of every year, which is great for those who like to schedule far in advance!

Responsibilities include:
  • Accepting the shipment BANARs from the printing company (Thursday or Friday before the BANAR delivery weekend)
  • Coordinating an established team of youths and their parents who deliver BANARs to the community
  • Delivering BANARs to local businesses
  • Recruiting new individuals for delivery routes as needed
This volunteer position is great for anyone looking to contribute to the Blackburn Community but may not have time to attend board, committee and event meetings.  Contact Kendra Brett, the BANAR Editor, at banar@blackburnhamlet.ca to sign up or if you have any questions regarding the responsibilities.

Thank you.

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