“So what exactly does the community association do?”

It’s a question I’ve heard before from some Hamlet residents. It’s a valid question and I would be happy to shed some light.

If you’ve attended a community event that was free of charge, participated in a public meeting where you learned more about a project or issue affecting the Hamlet, rented the community hall, skated on an outdoor rink, watched your children play in the newly-raked sand at the playground, or needed support advocating for an improvement to our community, such as lowering speed limits, then you have experienced firsthand what the community association does.

The community association is composed of individual volunteers; Hamlet residents who share the common goal of bettering our community in small and big ways that make a difference.

On January 19, at the Blackburn Community Association’s (BCA) Annual General Meeting, an election was held to fill all positions on the board of directors. There were many directors who resumed their roles, including myself as President, and some new additions to the ranks.

The new board is teeming with ideas, enthusiasm and dedication to our community; a sure sign that 2017 will be a spectacular one for the Hamlet in respect to larger-than-ever events, advocacy and engagement opportunities. I, for one, am incredibly excited.

There are many wonderful things being planned for this year that you will learn about in the coming weeks and months. Some of these we will be asking for your input and help on, including a community beautification project that is in its infancy. And while the BCA’s elections are now over, the board will always welcome new volunteers to the team at any time of the year.

The next time I am asked what the community association does, I will respond by saying that it does whatever the community asks it to do to make Blackburn Hamlet a better place for everyone.