The website administrator will be resigning as of the January 2019 AGM. She will be available as a technical advisor after that.

We will be thrilled to hear from anyone interested, but the role could be especially suited to a student enrolled in a technical post-secondary website- or design-related program. Now that many “entry level” jobs paradoxically require experience, we think this opportunity is uniquely suited to offer someone a chance at that first experience while giving back to their community and serving a non-profit, as opposed to needing to do non-paying work for a for-profit entity just to earn that experience. Please spread the word to technical students you know who need experience and are looking to give back.

Required Skills

Non-technical skills required include:

  • Responsibility in maintaining our website hosting subscription and domain registrations
  • Good judgement in delegating access to the website in order to safeguard content
  • Well organized in terms of managing requests, data, and backups
  • Patience and empathy supporting non-technical users

Technical “skills” are not as important as a general aptitude; a candidate can grow into the role, irrespective of experience with the tools we are using*. For example:

  • Comfort trying new computer things (with precautions like backups taken first) and able to google for solutions
  • Competence following written technical instructions (e.g. researching the email server settings and configuring gmail with them, and testing)
  • Confidence googling problems and requesting help from our webhost’s technical support
  • Some experience with any markup language (e.g. markdown or HTML)
  • Either some experience with CSS or any coding language, OR, excellent attention to written detail — e.g. able to spot and respect that there’s a difference between:
    • font-color = blue;
      font:color = blue:
      font_colour: blue,
      fontcolour – blue.

Those base skills should be enough to learn the rest. You can learn just about anything from googling these days if you know what to ask and how to interpret what you find.

Equipment Requirements

Any modern, full operating system (i.e. probably NOT chromebook or iOS) running on any hardware is fine. Only a browser, Microsoft Office reader, PDF printer, ability to read and write to Dropbox, and possibly SFTP client are necessary.

Time Commitments and Changing Roles

We are currently examining how the webadmin role should evolve in the modern era. There is significant overlap now with the Communications Director, and the website administrator is often a bottleneck when new content needs to be added to the website. In the future, we’re hoping the website admin will have more technical a role, providing the tools to other directors for them to post their own content. As such, we can’t offer a very accurate estimate of the time commitment required for the role. Depending on whether many events are running, it has ranged from 1 to 7 hours a week of work in the past.

It is very advantageous for the director to be able to participate in person at BCA Board Meetings which are usually the third Thursday of the month at 7 or 7:30pm for at least 90 minutes. In addition, the director manages the FunFair website which adds hours between January and June. Meetings for FunFair have historically been held Monday evenings at 7:30pm monthly between January and June. Again, it is very helpful to be able to attend.

Currently, the website administrator is responsible in theory for the social media accounts including moderation of the interactive Facebook group. There are currently other volunteers who assist, and the nature of this role is also in flux.


Please contact Kaitlyn Demasi with any questions you may have. We’ll meet up with interested parties to make sure everyone is aware of all the responsibilities, and then nominate all qualified candidates at the 2019 AGM in January, for election by BCA members in good standing.

* Footnote: Tools we currently use for the website:

  • SFTP client (may be phased out now)
  • WordPress running Divi theme and several plugins
  • CSS customization
  • PLESK dashboard for websites’ backends
  • POP mail being fetched into directors’ personal accounts, and connections to SMTP servers for sending as BCA email addresses