Projects in the Community

The BCA often acts as a liaison between the community and the city or local businesses. Notes on current issues affecting the community will be summarized here.

Arena Expansion Consultation

Phase One consultation information about the proposed Blackburn Hamlet Arena Expansion and an opportunity to provide your feedback is available at

Community Beautification Project

Community beautification project, including the Four Corners Project and Welcome Bench Project, is getting underway. The goal is to take areas of our community that are underutilized or could benefit from small improvements, and to turn them into places people want to gather and enjoy. Interested in taking part? Contact Laura Dudas at

Walk Audit

The BCA, Council on Aging, and Amica at Bearbrook worked on an audit of the walkability of Blackburn Hamlet. You can read the final audit online.

2017 Event Planning

The BCA has teamed up with several other community associations to hold a huge 2017 bash in Innes Ward. Announcements about the event will be made in the coming months, but in the meantime contact Laura for more information at

Innes Road Zoning Review (Phase 2)


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